murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography,murtaza abbasi gorakhnath wikipedia,who is murtaza abbasi gorakhnath attack case,ahmad murtaza abbasi biography,Gorakhnath Temple Attack Video
murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography,murtaza abbasi gorakhnath wikipedia,who is murtaza abbasi gorakhnath attack case,ahmad murtaza abbasi biography,Gorakhnath Temple Attack Video, murtaza abbasi family

murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography

Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi made headlines after attacking Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhnath temple on April 3. Minutes after the incident took place, the internet was filled with videos showing him chasing security guards with a sickle.

As claimed by the police, Abbasi was trying to charge into the temple after raising the slogan of ‘Allahu Akbar’. When he was scanned at the temple’s entrance gate by police officers, he even tried to snatch the weapons of the PAC staff deployed there.

murtaza abbasi gorakhnath wikipedia

Authorities have termed Abbasi’s moves to be an “act of terror” and have ordered a special team of the UP STF to probe the matter further.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

Here we will tell you everything about Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology with a degree in chemical engineering in 2015.

murtaza abbasi gorakhnath wikipedia

After that, he worked as a corporate professional in Reliance Industries and Essar Petrochemicals.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

Based on reports, he has also worked as an app developer in the past.
According to his family members, Abbasi has been facing mental health problems since early age and has been taking medical treatment since 2017.

murtaza abbasi family

Speaking about his son’s disturbed mental health, Abbasi’s father Mohammad Munir said that he has had suicidal thoughts in the past.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

Based on his family member’s claims Abbasi was facing problems in his marital life too because of his disturbed mental health. Eventually, her had to get separated from his wife.

Abbasi is a resident of Civil Lines in Gorakhpur and had isolated himself from his friends and family after returning from Nepal.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

murtaza abbasi gorakhnath wikipedia

As per sources, the weapon spotted in his hand at the time of Gorakhnath temple attack was purchased after he came from Nepal.

murtaza abbasi gorakhnath wikipedia

Abbasi, who is currently on Police remand, got married to Shadma in 2019. She claimed during the period she lived with Abbasi, he rarely talked to her.

murtaza abbasi gorakhnath wikipedia

Also, she never got access to his mobile phone or laptop,
so she was not aware if he was indulged in any anti-social activity during that period. Furthermore, he was deeply religious and showed no interest in married life.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

Speaking to TV9, Abbasi’s ex-father-in-law Muzaffarul Haq said her daughter got married to Abbasi in 2019. Soon after the marriage, they brought her back home as there were incidents of domestic violence for which he blamed her mother-in-law.

ahmad murtaza abbasi biography

He said, “We brought her back a few months after the marriage. He gave divorce on the phone, and since then, we did not have any contact with him.”( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

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Notably, Abbasi’s father has claimed he was mentally unstable, but Haq was quoted by Times Now saying he was completely normal and showed no signs of mental issues when he was married to his daughter.

ahmad murtaza abbasi biography

Echoing her father’s statement, Shadma said she sought divorce because her mother-in-law tortured her over minor issues and not because he was mentally unstable. ( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

Gorakhpur Temple Attack

On April 3, Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi attacked Gorakhpur Temple and severely injured two Police personnel with a sharp weapon. He was shouting Allah-Hu-Akbar during the attack.

Before he could do further damage, Abbasi was overpowered by the officers present at the scene. Initially, Abbasi’s father had claimed that his son was mentally unstable,

but both Police and the doctor who treated him after the attack refuted the claims.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

During the investigation, Police have reportedly found that he was influenced by banned Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and had possible links to the terrorist organization ISIS.

A day before the attack, he had visited Nepal and had bought the weapon on his way back. Abbasi was sent to 7-day Police remand by the court.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

“His (Abbasi’s) family relocated to Gorakhpur in 2020. Since then, he has been taking occasional trips to Mumbai,” a senior cop on the condition of anonymity.

On Tuesday, their residence in Gorakhpur was crawling with cops cordoning off the house to prevent the entry of media personnel.

Suffered From Mental Health Issues, Says Father While senior bureaucrats in the state have officially called the incident an act of terror, Abbasi’s family has been categorically refuting all allegations.

Gorakhnath Temple Attack Video

Soon after the incident, Abbasi’s father in his brief interaction with the media claimed that his son suffered from mental health issues which later aggravated into suicidal tendencies.

As per his family, Murtaza started having mental health issues in 2017, and had been under observation at several places.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

Abbasi, an IIT graduate, tried to enter the Gorakhnath temple premises on Sunday evening. When the security personnel tried to stop him,

Gorakhnath Temple Attack Video

he attacked them with a sickle, injuring two constables of the Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC).( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

Abbasi was soon overpowered by other security staff and arrested.The security staff seized the sickle used in the attack and a knife from his possession.

The Gorakhnath temple premises also has the residence of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who is the head priest of the temple.

The CM was not in the temple at the time of the attack. Searches were carried out at different places in Kushinagar, Siddarth Nagar and Maharjganj districts of East UP where Abbasi had stayed in the recent past.

Teams have also been sent to Mumbai and Jamnagar in Gujarat. As per senior police officials, Abbasi completed his education in Mumbai and later worked with a multinational firm in Jamnagar of Gujarat for some time.( murtaza abbasi gorakhnath biography)

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